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Go quad biking in London


Quad biking is a great way for both kids and adults to experience some safe four-wheeled fun. If you fancy a bit of time out away from the city, this kind of off road experience out in the countryside is sure to help you and the kids forget the clogged urban London streets. But this doesn’t main that such a ‘country jaunt’ is soon going to have the kids moaning about being bored, exploring the country whilst bouncing around on quad bikes is definitely great fun and is guaranteed to keep the kids fully entertained for the whole time.

Given the vast sprawl of London and Greater London you may think that going quad biking or undertaking other such outdoor activities means travelling many miles out of the city. Although most quad biking centres are on the outskirts of Greater London or in the surrounding countryside, a few can be found a little closer to home. With two off road quad bike centres in Northolt, west London, and Walton on Thames, south-west London, both only about ten miles from the city centre are easily do-able in half-day trips with no long drives; perfect for the kids!

Although these sorts of outdoor activity experiences are never cheap, these local quad biking centres won’t break the bank either. With the average price being around £30 for a half-hour trek, including all the pre-trek safety briefings and driving instructions which takes most sessions beyond an hour, these facilities offer good value for money. Particularly attractive are such deals as kids’ parties where you can book in a whole group of kids and leave them to it for an hour, similarly for adults you can pay a bit extra for arranged races or longer sessions.

All of these quad bike establishments have proven track records of high safety standards and good value for money, ensuring that you and the kids are in safe hands and won’t be disappointed with your experience. Companies further afield in Surrey and Hertfordshire may offer a bit more country space than those closer to London, but this is reflected in their prices which are usually higher too. But the more local London quad bike centres, like those in Northolt and Walton on Thames, are more convenient if you are only going for an hour’s session of quad biking, especially when getting a large group of kids there on time.