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Quad Biking London – the Thrill of a Lifetime

If you have never experienced the thrill of riding a quad bike in London, then give it a try! There is something really exhilerating about revving up on a vehicle that gives you the excitement of being outdoors, feeling the wind in your face, yet is much safer than the two-wheeled variety of motorcycle. Progress from the first tentative, slow weaving around a few obstacles, to accelerating straight at a pole about three feet in the air and lying over the handlebars to slide underneath it at speed can be done in as short a time as half an hour or so. Quad bikes give all the joy of cross country riding, without the hard work of a pedal bike!

When you turn up for your first ride, you will be briefed on handling the bike, safety matters and the all-important moving off. Most companies that organise quad biking have different circuits and terrain available, depending on the expertise. Whilst you won’t be riding around the streets of Central London, there are several venues within a short tube, bus or train ride that offer both hard surface and off-road biking. The bikes are really built for off-road, however, so make the most of the chance to try it out.

It may be that you want to organise a fun day out for a group of friends, a surprise birthday treat, or even a stag or hen party with a difference. Whatever you are looking for, quad biking is an experience that you are likely to want to repeat. It could be part of a team-building event from work – even better as you don’t have to pay for it – which is much more fun than sitting in a training room contemplating navels. A friendly competitive spirit can be introduced, with circuits being timed and a knock-out run to decide the fastest rider. You never know, there might even be a prize involved.

Another way of reducing the cost if you want to go Quad Biking in London is to look for special offers or coupons available from a company such as Groupon, which promotes a huge range of leisure activities in London and the rest of the UK. Discount vouchers open up a whole new world of opportunities that you don’t want to miss.